One of the really cool things we were able to do on the trip was give out swag from our sponsors. MaxCases was one of the companies that generously provided us with a grant so we could make the trip. Even better were the iPad cases and styluses they gave us to hand out in our sessions. Cameron and Grady made the trip out too and we had a great time hanging out with them at the conference and after hours as well. We weren't the only ones talking about their cases, the conference Twitter feed showed quite a few people were interested in what they had to offer.


In addition to their iPad cases and styluses, MaxCases also carries the HandStand that turns your iPad into a document camera and also functions as a great presenter stand. We didn't get to give any of those away, but it was pretty cool to get to show it off and hear the gasps of delight when teachers got to see how useful it would be in the classroom.

We weren't the only ones sharing the MaxCases love. Keynote speakers Adam Bellow and Kevin Honeycutt got in on the act too. If you're looking for iPad accessories you might want to check them out at MaxCases.com


10/01/2013 11:27pm

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