Steve Dembo brought MACUL13 to its feet at the end of his closing keynote by breaking out the Harlem Shake. CUEMACUL Road Trip wild child, the inimitable Chris "Scottsy", stole the show with snakelike moves. Of course, CUEMACUL Honey Badger knows what to do with snakes and promptly raided the video.
A hearty thanks to our 'Instigator in Chief' Jon Corippo for putting together this stunning documentary video. What an amazing trip. I'm ready to do it again!
One of the really cool things we were able to do on the trip was give out swag from our sponsors. MaxCases was one of the companies that generously provided us with a grant so we could make the trip. Even better were the iPad cases and styluses they gave us to hand out in our sessions. Cameron and Grady made the trip out too and we had a great time hanging out with them at the conference and after hours as well. We weren't the only ones talking about their cases, the conference Twitter feed showed quite a few people were interested in what they had to offer.


In addition to their iPad cases and styluses, MaxCases also carries the HandStand that turns your iPad into a document camera and also functions as a great presenter stand. We didn't get to give any of those away, but it was pretty cool to get to show it off and hear the gasps of delight when teachers got to see how useful it would be in the classroom.

We weren't the only ones sharing the MaxCases love. Keynote speakers Adam Bellow and Kevin Honeycutt got in on the act too. If you're looking for iPad accessories you might want to check them out at
Will 'the Hat" Kimbley here: In just a couple hours we hit the road for MACUL. Six wild and crazy guys on a mission to connect teachers all across the country and two great educational technology organizations. I just got home last night from CUE13 in Palm Springs, CA and I must say it was the single best CUE conference I attended. The energy was amazing. It's always great to be able to hang out with friends, especially when they are not only brilliantly smart, but driven to positively change and impact our profession. The sessions I attended inspired me, and the sessions I presented in energized me - because in each one I learned something I could use (yes, even when I was presenting). Of course, the hallway conversations and the after hours connections played a huge role in the success of the conference. 

You have to love the serendipitous meetups. I paused outside of Lisa Highfill's standing room only preso on Flipping the Elementary Classroom to take an Instagram pic - and try to harass her a little too :) - one of the many attendees who crowded the doorway of the overflowing room kindly stepped out of the way so I could snap the shot. We struck up a conversation, and of all places it turns out he's from Detroit - Gregory Green @flipschool from Flipped High School So the connections have already begun.

But back to my previous comment about how great CUE13 was. In thinking about what made it great, I realized that a lot of what I felt came from the sessions I led. Its an awesome feeling to present to a packed room and you can see participants responding. You can see that they 'get it,' and they let you know that its something they can and will use. I mean, that is why get got in to teaching. We love the light bulb moments, and there were a lot of lightbulbs going on this year. 

Last June, Jon Corippo, Mike Niehoff, and I drove to ISTE in San Diego. The energy of that trip was amazing. We talked of all the ways we could change our pedagogy and school culture, and our desire to change education in general. This trip will be like that, but exponentially greater. Not only will it be the six of us, but as we Tweet, blog, Hangout, and #coffeecue with all of you along the way its going to go off the charts! By the time we hit Detroit I expect to attain nirvana - or at least enlightenment. 

Well, its time to hit the road. Looking forward to connecting along the way. Peace!