I actually thought their were 6 weeks left. Oh man. There is so much to do.
    So we (the Rock Star team) are working on dialing in our sponsors. We have some really cool sponsors lined-up for our epic road trip, more on this in another blog post. Expect some cool swag :).

    So how did this all happen? It seems like only a short while since we went from idea to real deal. It started near the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Jon Corippo made buddies with David Prindle from MACUL and they tossed this road trip idea around. Fast forward to June 2012 ISTE in San Diego we, the CUE guys, met the several MACUL representatives at a restaurant in the gaslamp district. Boring, right.
    A little less boring is why a group of adults (me exempted-as the others will testify) would take time off work to drive from Fresno, CA to Detroit, MI. I'm still working this one out. My nervous-excitement clouds my original reasoning.
    I've never been to Detroit, but I wasn't thinking this was how I would get there. Jon Corippo as our Michigan EdTech friends will come to learn has quite the magnetic personality and I'm pretty sure he's drawn us all in using some ObiWanCorippo force. #ObiWanCorippo is a real hashtag that we throw around when Jon shares some wisdom. Or maybe it has nothing to do with Jon and we are all suckers for a fun road trip? Any way we slice it we are in for quite a trip. I can't wait to see what comes out of this trip, the networking, fun videos, blog posts and might I say friendships (that is if we don't strangle each other first).